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Friday, 4 November 2016

On this day...Wilfred Owen killed in action.

Hi all, it's rare I post here now as Rehome-a-book isn't so busy with events these days (we have an outlet at 'Serendipity Llanandras' in Presteigne though where there are many, many books waiting to be re-homed!) but today seems worthy of a post.

On this day, November 4th in 1918, poet Wilfred Owen was killed in action during WW1 on the Western Front, just one week before armistice was declared. He was shot by a German machine-gun during the attempt by the British to bridge the Sambre Canal near Ors.

His war poems which are a lasting reminder of the futility of war have led to him becoming on of the greatest English poets of the 20th century and beyond.