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Monday, 26 July 2010


Google analytics tells me my website traffic is up 39% - no increase in sales though... its an up and down world! It is encouraging to know that more people are finding it - being a relatively new site and all, but what puts them off buying? Are they just looking out of curiosity? Do I not have what they were looking for? I really can't do the prices any more reasonably...thinks...
Another problem I have is what to do about postage. I sell worldwide so need to charge postage for over seas as books are generally heavy things which cost a lot to post, in the UK too for that matter. Something else to work on!

Anyway folks, 20% off for the whole of July at http://shop.rehome-a-book.co.uk - ends Saturday!

Blog you later!


  1. Great work dude!!i really love Your LOVE for the books, an urge for making books more popular in this e-world, books to sell, cycling of the greatest information world wide...Keep it up!! :) books to sell

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate that. At the moment I have a healthy contempt for e-books, but can see where they might be useful...sort of!