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Monday, 9 August 2010

Monday already.

Hi all, sorry I haven't posted over the weekend, after Burwarton Show I unloaded the van and promptly hurt my back...been resting it all weekend and it is on the mend! At least I didn't hurt it before the show, I wouldn't have been able to keep moving about if I was stuck behind the stall.

My other half has been at the Big Chill all weekend and he'll be back at some point today, the washing machine is empty and waiting! He has phoned every day which is lovely, apparently Newton Faulkner was great last night - not jealous at all!!

Anyway, off to make a cuppa before listing more books, there are loads on eBay at the moment HERE and as ever on the website www.rehome-a-book.co.uk

Back later (pardon the pun!).

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