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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

International Literacy Day.

A huge number of adults in the world cannot read or write, International Literacy Day was set up in the 60's to bring this issue to light and address the need for education. Find details HERE. I know my whole business is centred around books, reading and words, but I simply cannot imagine not being able to read and I truly admire people who live, work and survive day to day not being able to, they are creative and brave individuals! However, the pleasure I get from reading a book is immeasurable and hopefully awareness of illiteracy issues will help bring this joy to everyone.

Speaking of reading, our book of the day can be found HERE today it is 'The Conjurer's Bird' and is a lovely book:

'It seems like a long time ago that Fitz and Gabby were together, with his work on extinct species about to make him world-famous. Now, it's his career that is almost extinct.

Suddenly though, the beautiful Gabby is back in his life. She wants his help tracing the history of The Mysterious Bird of Ulieta, a creature once owned by the great 18th century naturalist Joseph Banks...'

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