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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Closing online shop.

We will soon be closing down the online shop, the ever-rising postal costs, general lack of people buying used books and the costs involved have beaten us. It is sad, but we have to be realistic!

We will however be doing more events with the book accessories and gifts and I'm sure we can sneak a few bargain books onto the stall! We love doing fairs, shows and festivals and can channel the money we are currently losing through the online shop into more stock, pitches, positive and exciting things.

Watch this space for closing down offers - coming soon!


  1. Very sad.

    As a writer, I feel guilty when I see bookshops struggling because I encourage people to buy the ebook version of my books. As a reader though, there is nothing I love more than browsing through used books - online or in bricks and mortar stores.

    Good luck! I'll be watching this space for closing down offers. :)

  2. Thanks Shirley - it is a shame, postage is a killer for online sellers, a normal paperback costs at least £1.30 to post now, folks don't want to spend much more for the book itself! Ah well, change of direction :)