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Monday, 21 July 2014

Festival at the Edge 2014

Well, it seems like no sooner we are setting up, then its time to pack away for another year – that is the way with Festival at the Edge! This year’s event was brilliant, we sold lots of things and saw some great acts, especially ‘Blackbeard’s Tea Party’ who we will endeavour to see again very soon. Friday when we arrived on site was sunny, hot and busy followed by a lovely, balmy evening. When we got back to the tent after seeing the band, we wondered if it was lightening or camera flashes we could see…it was lightening, followed by thunder and tremendous rain – a long and slightly worrying night under canvass! Saturday was a mix of thunder storms and brighter spells during which people ventured outside luckily, we managed to keep the books dry (ish) and the evening was fine as was all of Sunday which made up our trading time somewhat!
Memories of lovely people, great music, fab storytelling, epic breakfast baps and stormy weather will carry us through until next time.
Taken from our post on merrilin-music.co.uk

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