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Friday, 28 January 2011


What a lovely surprise - sunshine!! Fantastic! Spring is on the way I know, but after a week of drizzle and cloud it seems far away. We have booked up for an event in March so that has to be nice weather-wise - not asking for much, just no wind or rain...

Sorry (again) that it has been a week since my last post - the new years resolution to blog more efficiently is NOT going to plan! Anyway, here now and I will try harder - thanks to my little few followers - I do really appreciate you!

This week I have joined the campaign to save out libraries - a vital resource, past time, access point to information and education and above all they keep real books alive, it is shocking to think of them being closed let alone school library cuts and the scrapping of mobile libraries, which in my part of the world are a vital link to outlying areas!

Anyway, must get on, we have a new 'Hobbies & Crafts' section to the online shop which I have listed some books in already, lots more to do. Our book of the day is Enid Blyton's 'Well Done Secret Seven' and can be found HERE along with many other fab titles!

Here's to a sunny weekend - need to clean the car!


  1. Glad you're another Save Our Libraries campaigner. As you say, a vital resource!

    Enid Blyton is possibly responsible for my becoming a writer. I lived and breathed her books when I was growing up and adored all the Famous Five and Secret Seven adventures.

    Enjoy that sunshine!

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  3. Thanks Shirley - great to have you following! :)